Rule Rule 333-106-0240
Fluoroscopic X-ray Systems Requirements: Fluoroscopic Control of Scattered Radiation


Fluoroscopic table designs when combined with procedures utilized shall be such that no unprotected part of any staff or ancillary individual’s body shall be exposed to unattenuated scattered radiation which originates from under the table. The attenuation required shall not be less than 0.25 mm lead equivalent.


Equipment configuration when combined with procedures shall be such that no portion of any staff or ancillary individual’s body, except the extremities, shall be exposed to the unattenuated scattered radiation emanating from above the tabletop unless that individual:


Is at least 120 cm from the center of the useful beam; or


The radiation has passed through not less than 0.25 mm lead equivalent material including, but not limited to, drapes, Bucky-slot cover, sliding or folding panel, or self-supporting curtains, in addition to any lead equivalency provided by the protective apron referred to in OAR 333-106-0025 (General Requirements: Protection of Patients and Personnel);


Upon application to the Authority, providing adequate justification, exceptions to this section may be made in some special procedures where a sterile field will not permit the use of the normal protective barriers or where the protective barriers would interfere with the procedures.
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