Rule Rule 333-106-0361
Computed Tomography X-ray Systems: Radiation Protection Surveys


The registrant must ensure that radiation protection surveys are performed at new facilities, at existing facilities not previously surveyed, and anytime the CT scanner is replaced, moved or structural changes are made in the room.


In new facilities, a radiation protection survey must be completed prior to the first clinical use following installation.


The radiation protection survey must be performed by a qualified CT medical physicist as defined in OAR 333-106-0367 (Computed Tomography X-ray Systems: Records and Report Retention) or a qualified expert as defined in OAR 333-100-0005 (Definitions).


Surveys must be conducted with an operable radiation survey instrument that has been calibrated according to manufacturer’s specifications, not to exceed 24 months. If manufacturer specifications are not available, then the radiation survey instrument shall be calibrated every 12 months.


The qualified CT medical physicist or qualified expert must verify that:


Radiation levels in restricted areas are not likely to cause personnel to receive exposures in excess of the limits specified in OAR 333-120-0100 (Radiation Dose Limits: Occupational Dose Limits For Adults)(1); and


Radiation levels in unrestricted areas do not exceed the limits specified in OAR 333-120-0180 (Radiation Dose Limits: Dose Limits for Individual Members of the Public) and 333-120-0190 (Radiation Dose Limits: Compliance with Dose Limits for Individual Members of the Public).


The radiation protection survey record must be documented and indicate all instances where the facility, in the opinion of the qualified medical physicist or qualified expert, is in violation of applicable regulations. The survey record must also include the:


Date of the measurements;


Reason the survey is required;


Manufacturer’s name, model number and serial number of the CT scanner;


Manufacturer’s name, model number and serial number of the instrument(s) used to measure radiation levels and the date last calibrated;


Floor plan of the areas surrounding the exam room that were surveyed;


Measured dose rate at several points in each area expressed in mSv/hr or mR/hr;


Calculated maximum level of radiation over a period of one week for each restricted and unrestricted area;


Signature of the individual responsible for conducting the survey; and


The survey must be available for review at the time of inspection.
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