Rule Rule 333-106-0360
Computed Tomography X-ray Systems: Facility Design Requirements


A fixed CT scanner room shall be a permanent part of the building or equipment. Portable shields shall not be used for permanent installations.


The CT scanner shall be situated in a protected area and is subject to design approval by a qualified expert. National Council on Radiation Protection and measurements (NCRP) Report #147 shall be used as guidance for determining adequate shielding.


The control panel for a fixed CT scanner shall be in a protected area.


Movable barriers with electrical interlocks shall not be approved in lieu of compliance with section (3) of this rule.


The operator of a fixed CT scanner shall be able to see and communicate with the patient from the protective area at the control panel. When an observation window is provided, it shall have a lead equivalence at least equal to that required of the control barrier in which it is installed.


Mobile or portable CT scanners used routinely in one location shall be considered a fixed installation and shall comply with the requirements of sections (1) through (5) of this rule.


CT scanners mounted in a vehicle or trailer must meet requirements of sections (1) through (5) of this rule.
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