Rule Rule 333-106-0030
General Requirements: Gonad Shielding


Gonad shielding of not less than 0.5 mm lead equivalent shall be used for patients, who have not passed the reproductive age, during radiographic procedures in which the gonads are in the useful beam, except for cases in which this would interfere with the diagnostic procedure. In addition:


Collimation shall not be used as a substitute for proper shielding;


Should the situation arise where by gonadal shielding would compromise the diagnosis, a sticker stating “Gonadal shielding would interfere with the diagnostic procedure” (or the equivalent) shall be placed on the film to identify the reason this procedure does not comply with section (1) of this rule.


A written policy regarding gonad shielding shall be provided to each individual operating X-ray equipment. This policy shall include but not be limited to:


Definition of age of patients requiring gonad shielding;


A listing of radiographic procedures requiring gonad shielding for both males and females; and


Other pertinent data that would help insure compliance, such as type and location of placement of gonad shielding.


The registrant shall provide a means to assure that the requirements of section (1) of this rule are followed.
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