Oregon Oregon Department of Education

Rule Rule 581-002-1805
Annual List of Dyslexia-Related Training Opportunities

(1) The Oregon Department of Education shall annually develop a list of training opportunities related to dyslexia.
(2) To be included on the list of approved training opportunities, the training must:
(a) Comply with the knowledge and practice standards of an international organization on dyslexia:
(A) The Department shall review knowledge and practice standards from known international organizations on dyslexia annually; and
(B) In the event that more than one set of international standards exist, the Department will review, with stakeholder involvement, all standards to ensure the selection of standards that reflect current evidence-based practices related to dyslexia.
(b) Include content in one or more of the following areas:
(A) Understanding and recognizing dyslexia;
(B) Using evidence-based practices to systematically and explicitly teach the foundational skills in reading; and
(C) Intensifying instruction to meet the needs of students with severe reading difficulties, including dyslexia.
(3) The Oregon Department of Education will independently review potential training opportunities and annually post a Request for Information for dyslexia-related training opportunities to solicit information from interested vendors.
(a) The Department will review training opportunities on a rolling basis, beginning as early as January 1 of each year and concluding by June 15 of that calendar year.
(b) The Department will post a Request for Information no later than February 1st of each year. The Request for Information will remain posted through March 15th of that calendar year.
(c) The Department will consult with the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission to ensure the approved training opportunities also satisfy professional development requirements for teachers.
(d) The final list of approved training opportunities will be posted no later than June 15th of each year.
(e) Once a training opportunity has been approved by the Department and placed on the list of training opportunities, to remain on the list the Vendor must submit on an annual basis a request for renewal on a form to be provided by the Department.

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