OAR 581-002-0003

OAR 581-002-0001 (Definitions) to OAR 581-002-0023 (Settlement and Remediation) apply to appeals of complaints alleging:
(1) A violation of ORS 339.285 (Definitions for ORS 339.285 to 339.303) to 339.303 (Rules for complaints, investigations and seclusion rooms) or OAR 581-021-0550 (Definitions: Restraint and Seclusion) to 581-021-0570 (Complaint Procedures) (Restraint and Seclusion);
(2) A violation of ORS 659.850 (Discrimination in education prohibited) or OAR 581-021-0045 (Discrimination Prohibited) (Discrimination);
(3) If the entity against whom the complaint is filed is a school district, a violation of OAR 581-021-0046 (Program Compliance Standards) (Program Compliance Standards for Purposes Related to Discrimination);
(4) If the entity that is the subject of the complaint is a school or program operated by a school district, education service district, or public charter school, a violation of OAR 581-021-0047 (Prohibits Public Schools from using Native American Mascots) (Prohibition against Using Native American Mascots);
(5) If the entity against whom the complaint is filed is a school district, an education service district, a Youth Corrections Education Program provider under contract with the department, or a program that receives moneys pursuant to ORS 343.243 (Receipt of amount from State School Fund for children enrolled in certain programs) (3) or (4), a violation of ORS 659.852 (Retaliation against student prohibited) (Retaliation); or
(6) A violation of the Oregon Administrative Rules, chapter 581, division 022 (Division 22 Standards).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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