Oregon Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Transportation Division

Rule Rule 740-050-0220
Title Page of Every Tariff

Title page of every tariff shall show:


Oregon DOT number of tariff at the top of the page, and immediately thereunder the Oregon DOT number or numbers, if any, cancelled thereby. Oregon DOT serial number will be assigned to each tariff and run consecutively. Tariff serial number of carrier may also be entered on title page, run consecutively and show cancellations. Separate serial Oregon DOT numbers will be used for tariffs related to household goods.


Name of issuing carrier or agent.


Whether tariff is local, and whether it is a class, commodity, mileage, or combination of same, or a tariff of rules and regulations.


The territory or points from, to or between which the tariff applies, briefly stated. Where detailed information is required, the title page may give reference to the items where the application of the tariff and the governing publications may be found.


Date of issue on the lower left and date effective on the lower right hand of the page.


Name, title and address of officer by whom tariff is issued on the lower part of the page.

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