Oregon Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Transportation Division

Rule Rule 740-050-0620
Tariff Docket Procedures


A petition to change a tariff shall be made only upon forms furnished by the Department.


A petition shall be assigned a docket number when received by the Department and shall be listed for hearing upon the next appropriate notice of tariff docket hearing. One copy of the application shall be returned to the petitioner with the docket number which it has been assigned.


Docket items shall be assigned circle 1 (hearing and order required before publication) or circle 2 (authorized for publication prior to hearing pursuant to ORS 825.220 (Temporary rate procedures)).


A notice of hearing for petitions on proposed changes in tariffs shall be accompanied by a list of docket items to be considered. Each docket item shall specify in detail the nature of the proposed change. Notices of docket hearing will be mailed to all affected carriers, tariff bureaus and interested parties not less than 10 days prior to the date assigned for hearing.

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