OAR 740-050-0240
Amendments and Supplements


A change in or addition to a tariff shall be known as an amendment, and, excepting amendments to tariffs issued in loose-leaf form, shall be printed in a supplement to the tariff and shall refer to the page, item or index of the tariff, or of previous supplement, which it amends.


When the rates or rules in a tariff or a supplement are cancelled or changed, it must be under the same item or index number; for example, Item 10-A cancels Item 10. If a cancelled item, or any part thereof, is taken up and thereafter carried in another item of different number, the cancellation must be carried under the original item number and must show in what item or items the effective rates are to be found, and the cancellation of the item in the original tariff or supplement must be brought forward in successive supplements as a reissued item.


An amended index or item must always be printed in a supplement in its entirety as amended, and the contents in each supplement shall be arranged in the same general order as the tariff which it amends.


Supplements to a tariff shall be numbered consecutively as supplements to that tariff and must not be given separate or new Oregon DOT numbers. Each supplement shall specify the supplement or supplements which it cancels, and shall also show on its title page what supplements contain all changes from the original tariff. For example: “Supplement No(s).___ to Oregon DOT No.__ Cancels Supplement No(s).__ and __, Supplement(s) No.__ and __ contain all changes from the original tariff.”


A supplement which contains reissued items brought forward without change must show the following: “Reissue: Effective (date upon which item became effective) in Supplement No.___.”


All changes and additions to tariffs issued in loose-leaf form must be made by reprinting the entire page upon which the change is made. Except where a specific cancellation is shown on a new revised page, a revised page cancels any and all uncanceled or original pages, or uncanceled portions thereof, which bear the same page designation. Such pages must not be given supplement numbers, but must be designated “First Revised Page No.___,” “Second Revised Page No.___,” etc.; and must show the Oregon DOT and carrier’s serial number of the tariff, the issued and effective date, and the name, title and address of officer by whom issued, conforming to original pages.

Source: Rule 740-050-0240 — Amendments and Supplements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=740-050-0240.

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