Parent and Child Rights and Relationships

ORS 109.010
Duty of support

Parents are bound to maintain their children who are poor and unable to work to maintain themselves; and children are bound to maintain their parents in like circumstances.

Notes of Decisions

The duty of a parent to support his child exists independently of any court order. State ex rel Juvenile Dept. v. Draper, 7 Or App 497, 491 P2d 215 (1971), Sup Ct review denied

General duty of support is not enforceable through support enforcement mechanism of ORS chapter 25. State ex rel Washington v. Anderson, 26 Or App 467, 552 P2d 1343 (1976)

Duty to provide care does not constitute basis for claim of emotional or psychological injury caused by failure to provide care. Burnette v. Wahl, 284 Or 705, 588 P2d 1105 (1978)

“Children” denotes relationship, not that person is minor. Haxton v. Haxton, 299 Or 616, 705 P2d 721 (1985)

Duty of parent to support dependent adult child may be enforced through direct action by child against parent. Haxton v. Haxton, 299 Or 616, 705 P2d 721 (1985)

Law Review Citations

22 WLR 571, 572 (1986); 69 OLR 689 (1990)


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