Parent and Child Rights and Relationships

ORS 109.335
Appointment of guardian pending further adoption proceedings

Notwithstanding the provisions of ORS chapter 125 that relate to the appointment of a guardian, when a petition is filed pursuant to ORS 109.276 (Petition for adoption) for leave to adopt a minor child and the required consent thereto has been filed, the court before which the petition is pending may on its own motion enter an order appointing the petitioner or some other suitable person guardian of the minor child pending further order of the court or entry of a judgment under ORS 109.350 (Judgment of adoption or readoption). [1965 c.187 §1; 1967 c.231 §1; 1973 c.823 §108; 1995 c.664 §83; 2003 c.576 §149]


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