ORS 109.572
Definitions for ORS 109.570 to 109.580

As used in ORS 109.570 (Legislative findings) to 109.580 (Relative caregiver affidavit):


“Educational services” means enrollment of a minor child in a school to which the minor child has been or will be accepted for attendance and participation in any school activities, including extracurricular activities.


“Health care facility” means any facility that provides medical treatment.


“Health care provider” means a person who is licensed, certified, registered or otherwise authorized by law in this state to administer medical treatment in the practice of a health care profession or at a health care facility, and includes a health care facility.


“Medical treatment” means developmental screening, mental health screening and treatment, ordinary and necessary medical, dental and optical examination and treatment and preventive care including ordinary immunizations, tuberculin testing and well-child care, and includes the examination for and treatment of any injury, symptom, disease or pathology that is, in the judgment of the treating health care provider, reasonably necessary.


“Legal parent or guardian” means the parent or guardian of a minor child, a person with rights established under ORS 109.119 (Rights of person who establishes emotional ties creating child-parent relationship or ongoing personal relationship) or a person to whom powers have been delegated under ORS 109.056 (Delegation of certain powers by parent or guardian).


“Relative caregiver” means a competent adult who is 18 years of age or older, who is related to a minor child by blood, marriage or adoption, who is not the legal parent or guardian and who represents in the affidavit described in ORS 109.580 (Relative caregiver affidavit) that the minor child lives with the adult and that the adult is responsible for the care of the minor child. [2013 c.231 §2]
Note: See note under 109.570 (Legislative findings).
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