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ORS 109.410
Certificate of adoption

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The clerk of the court having custody of the adoption file shall issue upon request a certificate of adoption to the adopted person, the adoptive parents or parent, their attorney of record, in the proceeding, or to any child-placing agency which gave consent to the adoption. The certificate shall be substantially in the following form:

IN THE ________ COURT
In the Matter of the Adoption of:
File No.___________
Name after Adoption
This is to certify that on the ___ day of ________, 2___, a Judgment of Adoption was granted by the Honorable Judge ____________ granting the adoption of the above-named person by _________________.
The adopted person, above named, was born in the City of ___________, County of ________, State of ________, on the __ day of _____, 2__.
Dated at ________, Oregon, this __ day of ___, 2__.
(Title of the Clerk of the Court)


By _______________


The certificate of adoption may be issued by the judge who granted the adoption, instead of by the clerk of the court.


The certificate of adoption shall not state the former name of the person adopted, unless the name was not changed by the judgment, and shall not state the name of either biological parent of the person adopted. However, if the adoption was by the adopted person’s stepparent, the name of the adopting stepparent’s spouse may be set forth in the certificate if requested.


No certificate of adoption shall be issued to any person other than the persons described in subsection (1) of this section without order of the court.


For all purposes, the certificate of adoption shall constitute legal proof of the facts set forth therein, shall have the same force and effect and the same presumptions of validity as the judgment of adoption, and shall be entitled to full faith and credit. [1979 c.397 §2; 1985 c.496 §24; 2003 c.576 §157; 2015 c.512 §2]


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