ORS 131.515
Previous prosecution; when a bar to second prosecution

Except as provided in ORS 131.525 and 131.535:


No person shall be prosecuted twice for the same offense.


No person shall be separately prosecuted for two or more offenses based upon the same criminal episode, if the several offenses are reasonably known to the appropriate prosecutor at the time of commencement of the first prosecution and establish proper venue in a single court.


If a person is prosecuted for an offense consisting of different degrees, the conviction or acquittal resulting therefrom is a bar to a later prosecution for the same offense, for any inferior degree of the offense, for an attempt to commit the offense or for an offense necessarily included therein.


A finding of guilty of a lesser included offense on any count is an acquittal of the greater inclusive offense only as to that count. [1973 c.836 §27; 1997 c.511 §3]

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