Preliminary Provisions

ORS 131.835
Request that judge of another district conduct hearing

  • traveling expenses

When the Governor has made a request for an investigation before the court or judge of the district of the office affected, the court or judge may request that the hearing be held before the court or judge of any other district and call in such court or judge to conduct the same at the regular place of holding court in the district of the office affected. Such a request shall be made by the court or judge without delay and the court or judge called in shall proceed without delay to conduct the hearing. The actual necessary traveling expenses of any court or judge that is called in shall be paid out of the funds appropriated for the purposes of ORS 131.815 (Presentment of facts to circuit court) to 131.875 (Effect of appointment of special officers on salary of regular officers) upon properly verified vouchers being presented to the Secretary of State. [Formerly 148.130]


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