Preliminary Provisions

ORS 131.705
Definitions for ORS 131

As used in ORS 131.705 (Definitions for ORS 131) to 131.735 (Review of exclusion order), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Police” means the municipal police and the county sheriff of the political subdivision in which the public property is located, and the Department of State Police.


“Public official” means the officer or employee who is the administrative head of the board, commission, agency or division or department of this state or any political subdivision therein which has jurisdiction over any public property, or the designate of the officer or employee.


“Public property” means public lands, premises and buildings, including but not limited to any building used in connection with the transaction of public business or any lands, premises or buildings owned or leased by this state or any political subdivision therein. [Formerly 145.610]


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