Preliminary Provisions

ORS 131.920
Policies and procedures prohibiting profiling


All law enforcement agencies shall have written policies and procedures prohibiting profiling. The policies and procedures shall, at a minimum, include:


A prohibition on profiling;


Procedures allowing a complaint alleging profiling to be made to the agency:


In person;


In a writing signed by the complainant and delivered by hand, postal mail, facsimile or electronic mail; or


By telephone, anonymously or through a third party;


The provision of appropriate forms to use for submitting complaints alleging profiling;


Procedures for submitting a copy of each profiling complaint to the Law Enforcement Contacts Policy and Data Review Committee and for receiving profiling complaints forwarded from the committee; and


Procedures for investigating all complaints alleging profiling.


A law enforcement agency shall:


Investigate all complaints alleging profiling that are received by the agency or forwarded from the committee.


Accept for investigation a complaint alleging profiling that is made to the agency within 180 days of the alleged profiling incident.


Respond to every complaint alleging profiling within a reasonable time after the conclusion of the investigation. The response must contain a statement of the final disposition of the complaint. [2015 c.681 §2; 2015 c.681 §6; 2017 c.706 §7]


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