Arrest and Related Procedures

ORS 133.465
Seizure of stolen animals or other property being transported

  • proceedings against person arrested


When any peace officer discovers any person in the act of transporting any stolen live meat food animal or fowl, any meat food animal or fowl carcass, or any part thereof, or any wool, hides, grain or any other article which has been stolen in or upon any vehicle, boat, aircraft or conveyance of any kind, the officer shall seize all such articles or things found therein, take possession of the vehicle or other conveyance and arrest any person in charge thereof.


The officer shall at once proceed against the person arrested, under the provisions of the law which has been violated, in any court having competent jurisdiction and shall deliver the vehicle or other conveyance to the sheriff of the county in which such seizure has been made.


The vehicle or other conveyance shall be returned to the owner if the owner is the person arrested, upon execution of a good and valid bond, with sufficient sureties in a sum double the value of the property, which bond shall be approved by the court and shall be conditioned upon the return of said property to the custody of the sheriff at a time to be specified by the court. [Formerly 142.090]


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