Arrest and Related Procedures

ORS 133.470
Sale of seized property

  • rights of owner and lienholder


The court, upon conviction of the person arrested pursuant to ORS 133.465 (Seizure of stolen animals or other property being transported), shall, unless the bona fide owner or a bona fide lienholder registers an objection as provided in this section, subject to the ownership rights of innocent third parties, order a sale of the property at public auction by the sheriff of the county where it was seized.


The sheriff, after deducting the expense of keeping the property and the cost of sale, shall pay, according to their priorities, all liens which are established by intervention or otherwise at such hearing or in other proceedings brought for said purpose and shall pay the balance of the proceeds into the general fund of the county.


No claim of ownership or of any right, title or interest in the vehicle or other conveyance shall be held invalid unless the state shows to the satisfaction of the court, by clear and convincing evidence that the claimant had knowledge that the vehicle or other conveyance was used or to be used in violation of law.


No such conveyance shall be sold under this section and unless the state proves to the court, by clear convincing evidence that the person asserting a claim of ownership or other right, title or interest in the conveyance had knowledge that such conveyance was to be used to convey stolen property, in which case the court shall order the vehicle or other conveyance to be released. All liens against property sold under this section or ORS 133.475 (Notice to owner) or 133.485 (Perishable property) shall be transferred from the property to the proceeds of the sale of the property. [Formerly 142.100]

Law Review Citations

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