Arrest and Related Procedures

ORS 133.475
Notice to owner

If no one claims the vehicle or other conveyance, as provided in ORS 133.470 (Sale of seized property), the taking of the same with description thereof shall be advertised in some daily newspaper published in the city or county where taken or, if there is no daily newspaper published in such county or city, in a newspaper having weekly circulation in the city or county once a week for two weeks and by notice posted in three public places near the place of seizure. The legal owner, in the case of a motor vehicle, if licensed by the State of Oregon, as shown by the name and address of the legal owner in the records of the Department of Transportation, shall be notified by mail. If no claimant appears within 10 days after the last publication of the advertisement, the property shall be sold and the proceeds, after deducting the expenses and costs, shall be paid into the general fund of the county. [Formerly 142.110]


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