Arrest and Related Procedures

ORS 133.713

  • right to review


Upon written request by the defendant, the district attorney shall provide the defendant with an inventory of biological evidence that has been preserved under ORS 133.705 (Definitions for ORS 133.705 to 133.717) to 133.717 (Provision of notice or order to defendant) and is related to the covered offense for which the defendant was convicted.


A defendant or, if the defendant is represented by an attorney, the defendant’s attorney has the right to reasonably review biological evidence that is the subject of a written notice of intent to dispose of biological evidence under ORS 133.709 (Notice of intent to dispose) for the purpose of preparing a motion to preserve biological evidence. [2011 c.275 §5]
Note: See note under 133.705 (Definitions for ORS 133.705 to 133.717).


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