Arrest and Related Procedures

ORS 133.595
List of things seized

Except as provided in ORS 133.619 (Execution of warrant authorizing mobile tracking device), promptly upon completion of the search, the officer shall make a list of the things seized, and shall deliver a receipt embodying the list to the person from whose possession they are taken, or the person in apparent control of the premises or vehicle from which they are taken. If the vehicle or premises are unoccupied or there is no one present in apparent control, the executing officer shall leave the receipt suitably affixed to the vehicle or premises. [1973 c.836 §88; 1989 c.983 §5]

Law Review Citations

10 WLJ 157 (1974)

§§ 133.525 to 133.703

Notes of Decisions

Infractions are "criminal" and search warrant may issue for their investigation. State v. Weist, 79 Or App 435, 720 P2d 753 (1986), aff'd 302 Or 379, 730 P2d 25 (1986)

Law Review Citations

52 OLR 139-154 (1973)


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