Insurance Policies Generally

ORS 742.038
Validity and construction of noncomplying forms


A policy in violation of the Insurance Code, but otherwise binding on the insurer, shall be held valid, but shall be construed as provided in the Insurance Code.


Any insurance policy issued and otherwise valid which contains any condition, omission or provision not in compliance with the Insurance Code, shall not be thereby rendered invalid but shall be construed and applied in accordance with such conditions and provisions as would have applied had such policy been in full compliance with the Insurance Code. [Formerly 743.069]

(formerly 743.069)

Notes of Decisions

Under circumstances, insurance contract provision limiting coverage for dental services to expenses incurred within 90 days of accidental injury was not contrary to public policy and void but trial court erred in striking plaintiff's allegation that 90-day limitation negated statutorily required coverage of maxillofacial prosthetic services allegedly received. Allen v. Pacific Hospital Assoc., 91 Or App 356, 757 P2d 428 (1988)


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