ORS 742.506
Allocation of responsibility among insurers

Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of any policy, the provisions of ORS 742.504 (Required provisions of uninsured motorist coverage) (9) shall control allocation of responsibility between insurers, except that if all policies potentially involved expressly allocate responsibility between insurers, or self-insurers, without repugnancy, then the terms of the policies shall control. [Formerly 743.795; 2015 c.5 §6]
§§ 742.500 to 742.506

(formerly 743.786 to 743.795)

Notes of Decisions

These statutes apply to umbrella policies that insure against loss arising from use of automobile. American Economy Ins. Co. v. Canamore, 114 Or App 348, 834 P2d 542 (1992), Sup Ct review denied

Law Review Citations

24 WLR 948 (1988)

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