ORS 742.001
Scope of ORS chapters 742, 743, 743A and 743B

Except as specifically provided in ORS 750.055 (Other provisions applicable to health care service contractors) and 750.333 (Applicable provisions of Insurance Code), this chapter and ORS chapters 743, 743A and 743B apply to all insurance policies delivered or issued for delivery in this state except:




Wet marine and transportation insurance policies.


Surplus lines insurance policies. [Formerly 743.003; 2005 c.185 §14; 2017 c.206 §2]

Notes of Decisions

General intention of legislature is to permit insured party who prevails in action in Oregon courts to collect attorney fees even when insurance policy is issued or delivered in another state. Morgan v. Amex Assurance Company, 352 Or 363, 287 P3d 1038 (2012)

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