Insurance Policies Generally

ORS 742.354
Reimbursement of public officials required to give bond or letter of credit

Any state, county or municipal officer or officer of any school district, public board or public commission within this state, or any deputy employed in the office of any such official, who is required by law, ordinance, regulation or public policy to give a bond or letter of credit for the faithful performance of duties, shall be allowed a reasonable sum paid a surety insurer for becoming surety on the bond, or paid to a letter of credit issuer for issuing a letter of credit. Such sum shall not exceed one-half of one percent per annum of the amount of the bond or letter of credit. Such premium or fee shall be paid out of the proper state, county, municipal, district, board or commission funds. [Formerly 747.110 and then 743.738; 1991 c.331 §130]


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