ORS 742.458
General provisions governing liability policies

Every motor vehicle liability insurance policy shall be subject to the following provisions, which need not be contained therein:


The policy, the written application therefor, if any, and any rider or indorsement that does not conflict with the laws relating to motor vehicle liability insurance policies shall constitute the entire contract between the parties.


The satisfaction by the insured of a judgment for injury or damage shall not be a condition precedent to the right or duty of the insurer to make payment on account of such injury or damage.


Any binder issued pending the issuance of a motor vehicle liability insurance policy shall be deemed to fulfill the requirements for such a policy. [Formerly 486.556 and then 743.781]
§§ 742.449 to 742.466

Notes of Decisions

Where Financial Responsibility Law requires motor vehicle insurance policies to insure against all liability arising out of motor vehicle “ownership, operation, use or maintenance,” insurer’s named driver policy which insurer sold to insured in connection with insured’s vehicle must be construed as providing coverage by law and insurer is responsible for insured’s defense. Viking Ins. Co. v. Perotti, 308 Or 623, 784 P2d 1081 (1989)

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