OAR 733-030-0180


The Council shall establish a program for marking historical and geological sites in Oregon.


The Council shall approve design(s) for historical markers. A person may not erect a historical marker within the Conventional Highway right-of-way and at Interstate rest areas in the state format without the approval of the Council and ODOT.


Markers may be erected to commemorate a person, events, places, or geological features that are judged of statewide or national significance as stated in the State historical markers program guidelines.


Sponsoring groups have six months following the application approval in which to complete the text approval process, and to submit appropriate graphics to the Council to produce the panels.


The Historical Marker Committee may issue a waiver for location of markers off Conventional Highway right-of-way, or not visible from the Conventional Highway. ODOT is not responsible for markers located off Conventional Highway right-of-way.


If Council funds allocated for funding the markers have been exhausted for the biennium, markers may be privately funded. A privately funded marker must follow state approved design when located on Conventional Highway right-of-way or located on private land. A privately funded marker becomes the property of the Council.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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