OAR 733-030-0190


New historical markers must have a wooden support structure and a fiberglass embedded interpretive panel following approved program format(s).


The words “Oregon History” or “Oregon Geology” must be at the top of the marker.


The Council and the Historical Marker Committee shall have authorization to augment the single design format with other design formats as requested.


The sponsoring group may place as a credit line their organizational symbol in the bottom color band, lower right. Commercial sponsors will be allowed corporate logos or trademarks in black and white only and in accordance with the marker design.


Initial text must be submitted by the sponsoring group, and may be edited by the Council. Text may be from 150-300 words, partially dependent on the graphics submitted to accompany the text. Text must be factual, stressing statewide or national significance, and be accompanied by a source bibliography.


Graphics such as photographs, maps and illustrations that augment the proposed text are to be submitted by the sponsoring group. If not available, the sponsoring group or appropriate agency is responsible for working with a design firm or appropriate agency to procure such graphics.


Advance signs must be installed for all markers placed on Conventional Highway right-of-way excluding Interstate Highway rest areas. See ODOT’s Sign Policy Guidelines (see current drawings D-424 and D-424A) for specifications.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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