Criminal Trials

ORS 136.347
Appointment, duties and compensation of woman officer

The court or officer before whom any female person mentioned in ORS 136.345 (When attendance of woman officer is required) is interrogated, taken into custody or called as a witness, shall appoint some suitable female person who shall conduct or be present at the examination of such accused person or witness or receive or be present at the receiving or making of any confession or statement which such accused person or witness desires to make. The compensation of any such person, when so appointed, shall be paid out of the general funds of the county wherein such proceeding is had by the county treasurer of the county, upon vouchers signed by the judge of the court or the officer making such appointment, which vouchers shall certify the nature and extent of the services performed and the amount of compensation due the person in whose favor the same is drawn. [Formerly 133.780]


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