Special Districts Generally

ORS 198.540
Notice prior to adoption of ordinance affecting regulation


Except in an emergency, an ordinance adopting, amending or repealing a regulation shall not be considered or voted upon by a district board unless the ordinance is included in the published agenda of the meeting. The agenda of a meeting shall state the time, date and place of the meeting, give a brief description of the ordinances to be considered at the meeting and state that copies of the ordinances are available at the office of the district board.


The presiding officer shall cause the agenda to be published not more than 10 days nor less than four days before the meeting, in one or more newspapers of general circulation within the district or, if there is no such newspaper, in a newspaper of general circulation in each county in which the district is located. The presiding officer may also cause the agenda:


To be posted in three public places within the district at least 10 days before the meeting; or


To be published by radio and television stations broadcasting in the district as provided by ORS 193.310 (Definitions for ORS 193) and 193.320 (Radio and television broadcasts as supplement to newspaper publication). [1971 c.268 §4]


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