Special Districts Generally

ORS 198.805
Conduct of hearing

  • standards for formation
  • notice to nonappearing landowner
  • order for dissolution


At the time stated in the notice, the county board shall hear the petition and determine, in accordance with the criteria prescribed by ORS 199.462 (Standards for review of boundary changes), whether the area could be benefited by the formation of the district. The county board may adjourn the hearing from time to time, but not exceeding four weeks in all unless additional notice is given. The county board may alter the boundaries set forth in the petition to either include or exclude territory. The board may not modify the boundaries to:


Exclude from the proposed district land that, in the judgment of the board, could be benefited by inclusion in the proposed district; or


Include in the proposed district land that, in the judgment of the board, could not be benefited by inclusion in the proposed district.


If the county board determines that any land has been improperly omitted from the proposed district and that the owner has not appeared at the hearing, the board shall continue the hearing and shall order notice given to the nonappearing owner requiring the owner to appear before it and show cause, if any, why the land of the owner should not be included in the proposed district. The notice shall be given either by posting and publication, in the same manner as notice of the original hearing and for the same period, or by personal service on each nonappearing owner. If notice is given by personal service, service shall be made at least 10 days prior to the date fixed for the further hearing.


If the county board finds that a proposed county service district may not be needed in the future or that indefinite existence may significantly discourage future boundary changes, it may require dissolution as provided in ORS 451.620 (Procedures for district formed subject to specified dissolution date). The order for such dissolution shall specify the fiscal year, not later than the 10th fiscal year after the date of the order, in which dissolution shall occur. [1971 c.727 §25; 1987 c.504 §5; 2005 c.747 §2]


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