Special Districts Generally

ORS 198.903
Joint assembly of governing bodies of affected districts or cities

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When the governing body of each affected district or city has received a petition under ORS 198.895 (Initiation of merger and consolidation) containing the required number of signatures or has adopted or approved a resolution, the governing body of the affected entity having the largest population according to the most recent federal decennial census shall call a joint assembly of the governing bodies of the affected entities. The governing body calling the joint assembly shall specify the time and place of the assembly. The secretary of the governing body shall give notice of the assembly to each member of the governing body of each affected entity. The notice shall be given by certified mail.


At the joint assembly, a majority of the members of each governing body constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


The assembly, by a majority of all members present, shall adopt an order calling an election in each affected entity. The order shall include the matters specified in ORS 198.745 (Content of resolution calling election).


The order adopted by the assembly may include a plan for zoning or subdistricting the surviving or successor district for the purpose of nominating or electing members of its board if the principal Act for the district provides for election or representation by zone or subdistrict. The plan must describe the proposed boundaries of the zones or subdistricts. If required by the principal Act, the plan also must include a map of the proposed zone or subdistrict boundaries.


If the merger or consolidation is initiated by petition and the petition includes a debt distribution plan, the order adopted under this section shall include that plan. [1983 c.142 §10; 1983 c.350 §7b]


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