Special Districts Generally

ORS 198.793
Change of district name


A district may change its name from the name given it in the formation order of the county board under ORS 198.810 (Order for formation), or from the name under which it was otherwise incorporated, to a name chosen by resolution of a majority of the members of the district board.


A district board shall not adopt a resolution for a district name change without first publishing notice of the proposed name change under ORS 198.730 (Notice) (2) and holding a hearing on the matter.


The resolution for a district name change shall take effect 30 days after adoption by the district board unless a petition objecting to the name change is filed as provided in this subsection within those 30 days. The requirements for preparing, circulating and filing a petition under this subsection shall be as provided for an initiative petition in ORS 255.135 (Prospective petition) to 255.205 (Retention of petition materials). If a majority of the electors voting on the question approve the name change, it shall be effective immediately. [1979 c.272 §2; 1983 c.350 §6]


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