Special Districts Generally

ORS 198.882
Tax relief to withdrawn area

  • conditions for relief
  • ultimate liability


The governing body of a district shall relieve an area withdrawn from the district from taxation for its proportionate share of outstanding bonded or other indebtedness if:


No district services have been provided to the withdrawn area; and


The area withdrawn does not exceed five percent of the equalized assessed valuation of the taxable property within the entire district prior to the withdrawal, as certified to the county assessor in the tax year of the withdrawal.


Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, if the total unlimited taxing power of the district over the area not withdrawn from the district does not wholly satisfy the bonded or other indebtedness incurred prior to the withdrawal, the withdrawn territory shall be taxed in an amount sufficient to satisfy its proportionate share of that indebtedness. [1977 c.663 §3]
Note: 198.882 (Tax relief to withdrawn area) was enacted into law by the Legislative Assembly but was not added to or made a part of ORS chapter 198 or any series therein by legislative action. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.
§§ 198.705 to 198.955

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Disposition of district property upon dissolution, (1972) Vol 35, p 1059; dissolution of insolvent district, (1972) Vol 35, p 1117

Chapter 198

Atty. Gen. Opinions

When rural fire protection district may levy taxes on property within a forest protection district, (1972) Vol 36, p 71


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