Special Districts Generally

ORS 198.857
Annexation without election by petition of landowner


Notwithstanding ORS 198.750 (Content of petition proposing formation or change of organization), 198.755 (Number of signatures required), 198.760 (Requirements for signers of petition), 198.765 (Requirements for filing petition), 198.775 (Security deposit to accompany petition), 198.850 (Annexation petition or resolution) and 198.855 (Annexation election), a parcel of land may be annexed to a district as provided in this section.


When the owner of a parcel of land wants to annex that land to a district, the owner may file an annexation petition with the county board. The petition shall declare that the petition is filed pursuant to this section, state the name of the affected district and all affected counties, indicate the principal Act of the affected district and be signed by the owner of the parcel of land. Before the petition is filed with the county board, the petition must be approved by indorsement thereon by the board of the affected district and by any other agency also required by the principal Act to indorse or approve the petition.


If a petition filed under this section meets the requirements of this section and is otherwise sufficient under the principal Act, the county board shall set a date for a public hearing on the petition. The hearing shall be held not sooner than 20 days nor later than 50 days after the date on which the petition is filed. Written notice of the hearing shall be mailed to the petitioner and to the board of the affected district.


At the time stated in the notice described in subsection (3) of this section, the county board shall hold a public hearing to consider the petition. When determining whether to approve the petition, the county board shall consider the local comprehensive plan for the area and any service agreement executed between a local government and the affected district. If the petition is approved, the county board shall enter an order describing the boundaries of the land and declaring the land annexed to the district. [1999 c.392 §2]


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