Special Districts Generally

ORS 198.867
Approval of annexation to district by electors of city and district

  • certification
  • effect of annexation


If the electors of the city approve the annexation, the city governing body shall:


Certify to the county board of the principal county for the district the fact of the approval by the city electors of the proposal; and


Present the certificate to the district board.


If the electors of the district approve the annexation, the district board shall:


Certify the results of the election; and


Attach the certificate to the certificate of the city and present both certificates to the county board.


Upon receipt of the certificate of the city governing body and the district board, the county board shall enter an order annexing the territory included in the city to the district. When the county board enters the order, the city territory, together with any territory thereafter annexed to the city:


Shall be included in the boundaries of the district; and


Shall be subject to all liabilities of the district in the same manner and to the same extent as other territory included in the district. [1983 c.142 §3 (enacted in lieu of 198.865)]


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