Oregon Special Districts Generally
ORS 198.800
Formation petition; hearing; notice of hearing


A petition for formation must be filed with the county board of the principal county. Before the petition is filed, the petition must be endorsed by any agency required by the principal Act to endorse or approve the petition. If the petition satisfies the requirements of ORS 198.748 (Prospective petition for formation), 198.749 (Economic feasibility statement for district formation) and 198.750 (Content of petition proposing formation or change of organization) to 198.775 (Security deposit to accompany petition) and is otherwise sufficient under the principal Act, the county board shall:


If the county is within the jurisdiction of a local government boundary commission, file the petition with the boundary commission within 10 days after the petition is filed with the board; or


Set a date for a hearing on the petition. The hearing may not be held less than 30 days or more than 50 days after the date the petition is filed.


The county board shall cause notice of the hearing to be posted in at least three public places and published by two insertions in a newspaper. The notice shall state:


The purpose for which the district is to be formed.


The name and boundaries of the proposed district.


The time and place of the hearing on the petition.


That all interested persons may appear and be heard.


Except as provided in subsection (1)(a) of this section, this section and ORS 198.805 (Conduct of hearing) do not apply in areas subject to the jurisdiction of a local government boundary commission. [1971 c.727 §24; 1983 c.336 §20; 1989 c.92 §5; 2005 c.747 §1]
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