Special Districts Generally

ORS 198.560
Filing of ordinance

  • notice of adoption of emergency ordinance


Within seven days after adoption of an ordinance, the enrolled ordinance shall be:


Signed by the presiding officer;


Attested by the person who served as recording secretary of the district board at the session at which the board adopted the ordinance; and


Filed in the records of the district.


A certified copy of each ordinance shall be filed with the county clerk, available for public inspection.


Within 15 days after adoption of an emergency ordinance, notice of the adoption of the ordinance shall be published as provided by ORS 198.540 (Notice prior to adoption of ordinance affecting regulation) (2) for notice of proposed ordinances. The notice shall:


Briefly describe the ordinance;


State the date when the ordinance was adopted and the effective date of the ordinance; and


State that a copy is on file at the district office and at the office of the county clerk of the county, available for public inspection. [1971 c.268 §6]


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