ORS 758.225
Petition, ordinance or resolution for conversion
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A proceeding for conversion may be initiated:


By a petition signed by not less than 60 percent of the landowners within the proposed assessment district who own not less than 60 percent of the land area within the district; or


By an ordinance or resolution of a public authority declaring its intention to order a conversion.


A petition shall:


Describe the proposed boundaries of the assessment district;


Generally describe the proposed conversion; and


Request that a proceeding for such conversion be taken pursuant to ORS 758.210 (Policy) to 758.270 (Effect of ORS 758.210 to 758.270 on existing laws and rights).


The petition shall be filed with the city recorder, county clerk or other person designated by the public authority to receive the petition and to verify the signatures. If the petition is signed by the requisite number of qualified signers, the official so designated shall execute a certificate of sufficiency and present the petition and certificate to the governing body of the city or to the county court or board of county commissioners, as the case may be. [1969 c.385 §4]

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