Oregon Utility Rights of Way and Territory Allocation; Cogeneration
ORS 758.460
Assignment or transfer of rights acquired by allocation; approval of commission


The rights acquired by an allocation of territory may only be assigned or transferred with the approval of the Public Utility Commission after a finding that such assignment or transfer is not contrary to the public interest. However, no hearing is required if all affected customers agree to the proposed assignment or transfer.


No approved contract or order approving an allocation of territory shall be construed to confer any property right; providing, however, upon the death of an individual who is a party to an approved contract or the applicant under an approved order, the executor or administrator shall continue the operation thereunder for the purpose of transferring such rights for a period of not to exceed two years from the date of death.


In the event the property of a person serving an allocated territory is condemned, no value shall be claimed or awarded by reason of the contract or order making such allocation. [Formerly 757.670; 1983 c.540 §6]
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