Oregon Utility Rights of Way and Territory Allocation; Cogeneration
ORS 758.310
Assignment or transfer of rights in exclusive service territory; approval of commission


The rights acquired by the designation of an exclusive service territory may be assigned or transferred only with the approval of the Public Utility Commission after a finding that the assignment or transfer is in the public interest. However, a hearing is not required if at least 75 percent of the affected customers agree to the proposed assignment or transfer.


An order designating an exclusive service territory shall not be construed to confer any property right. However, upon the death of an applicant under an approved designation, the executor or administrator shall continue operating the water utility for the purpose of transferring such rights for a period not to exceed two years from the date of death.


The territory served by a water utility under an order of the commission designating exclusive service territory shall not be altered solely as the result of a change in ownership or form of ownership. [1999 c.695 §5]
Note: See note under 758.300 (Definitions for ORS 758.300 to 758.320).
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