Oregon Utility Rights of Way and Territory Allocation; Cogeneration
ORS 758.415
Enforceability of contract approved by commission; conditions for approval

Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, a contract entered into pursuant to ORS 758.410 (Contracts for allocation of territories and customers), when approved by the Public Utility Commission as provided in ORS 758.420 (Filing of contract) to 758.475 (Fees), shall be valid and enforceable; provided, that the commission shall approve such a contract only if the commission finds, after a hearing as provided in ORS 758.420 (Filing of contract) to 758.475 (Fees), that the contract will eliminate or avoid unnecessary duplicating facilities, and will promote the efficient and economic use and development and the safety of operation of the utility systems of the parties to the contract, while providing adequate and reasonable service to all territories and customers affected thereby. [Formerly 757.620]
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