ORS 758.250
Conversion of facilities on private lands
  • procedure
  • payment of costs


Any conversion of electric or communication service facilities, including service connections, located on a privately owned lot or parcel shall be made at the expense of the landowner by the utility owning the facility. The conversion shall be made in accordance with applicable safety rules, codes, regulations, tariffs or ordinances. The utility shall not be required to convert service lines on property, other than public lands and right of way, until the landowner furnishes to the utility a permit or easement authorizing the utility and its employees, agents and contractors to enter upon real property of the landowner for the purpose of performing conversion work thereon.


Upon completion of the conversion of overhead electric or communication service facilities on privately owned lots and parcels within a district, the utility shall file with the public authority a verified statement of the costs of the conversion of such service facilities of each landowner in the district. Promptly thereafter the public authority shall mail to each landowner a copy of such verified statement. [1969 c.385 §9]

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