Oregon Utility Rights of Way and Territory Allocation; Cogeneration
ORS 758.400
Definitions for ORS 758.015 and 758.400 to 758.475

As used in ORS 758.015 (Certificate of public convenience and necessity) and 758.400 (Definitions for ORS 758.015 and 758.400 to 758.475) to 758.475 (Fees) unless the context requires otherwise:


“Allocated territory” means an area with boundaries established by a contract between persons furnishing a similar utility service and approved by the Public Utility Commission or established by an order of the commission approving an application for the allocation of territory.


“Person” includes individuals, firms, partnerships, corporations, associations, cooperatives and municipalities, or their agent, lessee, trustee or referee.


“Utility service” means service provided by any equipment, plant or facility for the distribution of electricity to users or the distribution of natural or manufactured gas to consumers through a connected and interrelated distribution system. “Utility service” does not include service provided through or by the use of any equipment, plant or facilities for the production or transmission of electricity or gas which pass through or over but are not used to provide service in or do not terminate in an area allocated to another person providing a similar utility service. [Formerly 757.605; 1979 c.62 §2; 1985 c.550 §8; 1987 c.447 §101; 1999 c.59 §232]
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