Oregon Utility Rights of Way and Territory Allocation; Cogeneration
ORS 758.420
Filing of contract; hearing on contract; notice


A contract entered into pursuant to ORS 758.410 (Contracts for allocation of territories and customers) shall be promptly filed with the Public Utility Commission, and the commission shall, within 30 days after such filing, give notice of such filing. If the commission chooses or if any customer or customers request a hearing on the matter within 30 days of the notice, the commission shall hold a hearing by telephone or in person. The commission shall give notice of such hearing within 30 days of the customer’s request which notice shall set the date and place of hearing on the question as to whether or not such contract will be approved. The hearing shall be held at a place within or conveniently accessible to the territories affected by the contract.


The commission shall publish notice of the filing in a newspaper or newspapers of general circulation in each of the territories affected by the contract. Each such notice shall be published at least once weekly for two successive weeks. [Formerly 757.625; 1985 c.633 §3]
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