ORS 9.142
Rules for conduct of business

  • meetings


The board of governors shall formulate rules for the conduct of the business of the house of delegates. Rules adopted by the board become effective upon the adoption of the rules by the house of delegates. The president of the Oregon State Bar may call special meetings of the house. The president shall call a special meeting of the house if 25 or more delegates make a written request for a special meeting. A majority of the total number of delegates constitutes a quorum for any regular or special meeting of the house.


The board of governors shall set a time and place for the annual meeting of the house of delegates. At the annual meeting, the board of governors shall submit to the house of delegates reports of the proceedings by the board since the last meeting of the house, reports of the officers and committees of the state bar and recommendations of the board.


The house of delegates may vote through electronic ballot. If electronic ballots are used at a meeting, the vote of each member must be recorded and published after the meeting. [1995 c.302 §9; 2021 c.497 §12]


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