ORS 9.727
Service of order of custodianship

The Oregon State Bar or an attorney appointed as custodian of a law practice under ORS 9.725 (Appointment of bar or other attorney as custodian of law practice) shall serve a copy of an order appointing the custodian on the affected attorney or any person assisting in the suspension or termination of the affected attorney’s practice. The bar or appointed attorney shall serve the copy of the order by regular mail to the last-known address of the affected attorney in the records of the bar or to a duly appointed fiduciary at the address provided in an official filing. The affected attorney or assisting person may, within 10 days of the service, request a hearing to challenge the order. After the hearing, the court may vacate or modify the custodianship order as the court finds appropriate. [2015 c.6 §9; 2021 c.497 §5]


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May 30, 2023