ORS 9.380
Changing attorneys and terminating attorney-client relationship


The attorney in an action or proceeding may be changed, or the relationship of attorney and client terminated, as follows:


Before judgment or final determination, upon the consent of the attorney filed with the clerk or entered in the appropriate record of the court; or


At any time, upon the order of the court, based on the application of the client or the attorney, for good and sufficient cause.


The relationship of attorney and client may be terminated after the entry of a judgment or other final determination in an action or proceeding by the filing of a notice of termination of the relationship in the action or proceeding. The notice must be signed by the attorney and must state that all services required of the attorney under the agreement between the attorney and the client have been provided. [Amended by 1985 c.540 §24; 2003 c.576 §278; 2011 c.60 §1]


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