ORS 9.537
Civil immunity of witnesses, bar officials and employees


Any person who has made a complaint to the bar concerning the conduct of an attorney, or who has given information or testimony in or relative to a proposed or pending admission, reinstatement or disciplinary proceeding is absolutely immune from civil liability for any such acts.


The Oregon State Bar and its officers, the members of the state professional responsibility board, the board of bar examiners, the board of governors and the disciplinary board, bar counsel, investigators, disciplinary monitors, mentors and employees of the bar are absolutely immune from civil liability in the performance of their duties relative to proposed or pending admission, professional licensing requirements, reinstatement or disciplinary proceedings. [1983 c.618 §7; 2017 c.524 §3]

Notes of Decisions

Where bar complaint was filed against counsel for prevailing party, “civil liability” included increase in prevailing party attorney fee award to cover counsel’s cost of defending against complaint. Kovac v. Crooked River Ranch Club, 337 Or 162, 93 P3d 69 (2004)


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